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Dmitry started running in July 2015 while staying in Sweden. He finished his first ultra marathon, a 12 hour race finishing in 4th position at 110km. In 2016 he ran 204km during a 24-hour race at the Ultra festival in Skovde. Dmitry moved to Johannesburg in October 2017 and is a member of Kudus Running Club but will participate as a neutral runner. At age 35 Dmitry hopes to run his best distance and entered for both the 100 miler and 24-hour races

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Directly from Dmitry's Pen:

I started to run in July 2015, while living in Vaxjo (Sweden). In September 2015 I was running 20 km every day and knew from one runner about Vaxjo marathon.
I ran that marathon and joined to the running club. I ran my first ultramarathon 12 hour race, Personliga Rekordens Tavling, in Vaxjo with a  result of 110 km and the 4th place.

My second ultramarathon was Rada Ultra 6 hours race in Lidkoping. I ran 67 km there and was at the 3rd place. My third ultramarathon was Ultrafestival 2016 in July 2016 in Skovde. There I ran 204 km during a 24 hour race and was at the 4th place.

In 2016, I returned to Russia and continue to run but did not participate in any races. In the end of October, 2017 I came to Johannesburg, and started to run with Kudus running club since January, 2018.

My goal at the coming race is to run as far as possible and to understand what I learn about running during the previous two years.