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Ahhh, you showed up? Welcome.

We are a small group of overweight enthusiasts (well me at least, Stefan is seriously busy shedding his weight) is aiming to achieve something we as normal people think is impossible. We are planning on getting fit enough to walk/jog/run a 42km race. Now to be able to do this we will have to prepare. Meaning sweating to become a fitter me. You are welcome to join us when we take a walk as you will be in a guided and well looked after manner. Our aim is to keep you motivated and to keep on showing up.

FYI - Stefan Roodt is a well known ultra distance coach with a great reputation. His coaching services are avalable (Click Here) for your perusal. Our expected outcome is that you will start enjoying the fact of showing up,and feeling better after each session. Should you require specific designed and customade training programs for your body type then speak to him, he's your guy.

Call Stefan on 073 690 2653 to discuss but make sure you show up for our exercising sessions.

We support Parkrun SA and try to do as many as possible. We are still new to it so we will be learning together. 

Click here to submit your details. No information will be used outside the purposes of JesuRun.