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Wednesday – Rietvlei Trail 10K. I got lost…..again….Tobie and Charmaine came to look for me. Close to the end the short distance was about 600 meters so I ran 300 up the road and back to get the distance full. Finish time 1.52.34.

Friday was the Serengeti 10K in 1.32.55. Nearly 8 minutes faster than 4 weeks before. This course is a bit short.

Saturday morning was the Irene 10K in 1.43.42. In the evening it was the very technical Cowhouse 10K Trail in 2.01.13.

Sunday was the Red Barn 15K Trail in 2.42.41 which is just over 10 minutes faster than my first 15K at the venue.

5 Races in one week! 33 Races in 72 Days.

Closing weight 130.8 which is 1.6 down for the week


Wednesday was the Jackal Trail 10K in 1.49.27. The CSIR 10K on Saturday in 1.48.36.

28 Races in 64 days.

Closing weight 132.4 kg which is only 100 grams down from the previous week.


Wednesday was the Kingfisher 10K Trail in 1.42.56. Suddenly the pace came down on a difficult route with Tobie shouting a bit.

Saturday was the SABS 10K in 1.41.15.

Sunday was Little Eden 10K Trail in 3.03.52. This route is very technical with a steep climb and a long climbing descent. Lesley Hutchins was doing her first 10K Trail. Adele and myself stayed with her to assist and motivate. It was a very hard race for Lesley. A difficult course and with a hip operation not long ago she showed guts and determination in finishing.

26 Races in 58 days, 30 km added to the 1000 KM Challenge.

Weight down to 132.5. A massive 1.5 down for the week.





Wednesday was the Kinetic 8K Trail in 1.25.26. Friday the Wild Dog 8K Trail at the Pretoria Zoo in 1.32.17.

Saturday a slow 1.50.02 at the Chamberlain’s 10K and Sunday 1.50.32 at the Vista 10K Fun Run in Centurion.

36 km added towards the 1000 KM Challenge. 23 Races done in 50 days

Closing weight for the week was 134.0 which is 0.6 down from the previous week. Still retaining lots of water.




Wednesday was the Kyalami Duck 10K trail run. It is a double lapper. The route markers were already pulled out when I started the second lap and I got completely lost. I eventually saw runner lights and walked towards them. The finish line was reached with only 7.8 km covered so I waited for Tobie and we then did the 2.2 around a dam to make the distance full. Total time 2.00.33

Friday was my First Serengeti Night 10K. Mostly paving. 1.40.46 which was much better than expected. The route was a few 100 meters short.

Saturday morning was the Irene Clover 10K in 1.47.31 and Sunday the Rainbow 10K in 1.46.41.

A good week with 40 km added to the 1000 KM Challenge.

Week ending weight was 134.6, only 300 grams down from the previous week.


Wednesday the Owl Tail 10K. A double lapper with a nasty hill. Took it very easy on the first lap then Tobie got to me with about 3km to go and some running then took place to come in at 1.52.47.

Saturday morning a good walk with short bursts of running at the Midstream Parkrun in 51.53.

Sunday morning was the Red Barn 8K in 1.31.16. It was difficult in the forest due to the angle of the sun through the trees. With my right eye still damaged my depth perception is scary.

Closing weight was 134.9 which is only 0.7 down from the previous week