The Point Series winner for series One, Two and Three as well as the night series One will have a first prize of a Bronberg Community Co-op share to the value of R5000. 

Points will be age graded with 5km counting as an 1 factor up to te 20km which will count as 4.

See upcoming events for dates of all events till January.

Forever Fit Co-op just announced another Bronberg Community share as part of the holiday series starting 26 December. 10 Events will take place for the series winner on selected public holidays.

Tobie bult 2

The only real hill at the Bronberg Myrun and Forever Fit Bronberg Trail races will be named in honour of Tobie Reyneke for completing 9 trail 100 milers of the 61 on his resume. The little hill is now slip and slide free with paving to the top.


Nicky earned her rock for exceptional trail performances at The Munga 400 and Mac Mac 100 Miler. Welcome to Te Forever Fit Bronberg Trail Run Nicky.


The Bronberg Trail Runs will be run under the banner of Forever Fit Co-op. An event name change will be announced soon. 

Can I enter on the day?

Yes,  you can.

Will food be available?

Yes, the Bronberg Community Coop will sell coffee, pannekoek and boerewors rolls.

Is the route technical?

There is a 100 meter section over some rocks, one steep up hill and the rest is very fast grass and paths.

Will there be place for a team/club tent or camping facilities?

Yes, over night camping spots is also available.

Is there parking available?

Yes, the farm can handle about 200 vehicles.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, this is a dog friendly run. 

Can I bring my children?

Yes, there will be a 2km race for the children at R30.00

Will my car be safe?

Yes, two car guards will be marshalling and access to the Bronberg farm is controlled.

Is the venue difficult to find?

No, locations can be send out and the farm is easily accessable from all directions.

Can we stay for a while after the race?

Yes, braai facilities is available, braai packs can be pre ordered or bring your own, You can bring your own beer or stronger drinks. Coldrinks will be available to buy. Ice will be available.

Can traffic be a challenge on the route?

No, it is mostly of usual roads used by cars. Only about 700 meter is on the farm road which is not very busy.

Is there prize money?

The first 10 events is part of a point series with a prize sponsored by the Bronberg Community Coop to the value of R5000.









We will have route markers in the form of rocks roughly everey 50 meters. Exceptional performances at Bronberg and other trail events will be honoured by naming the route markers.

The first rock to be named is for Bennie Roux for wins at Munga and Karkloof and a third place at the Moab 240.