Bronberg Trail News 28 October 2019


3 with added distance


With the first trail weekend on 7 December approaching fast, it is time for an update.

The 5km loop was scouted this weekend. On Saturday we walked various stretches and planned the loop. Sunday we walked 4.6km to get the profile on strava. The 400 meter short will be made up as can be seen in the photo.

There is about 2km thick grass which we will be cutting into a 2 meter wide path over the next few weeks.

Online entries will be available this week. We will have two events on Saturday 7 December starting at 07h00 and 10h00. Sunday 8 December will be a repeat of Saturday with two events.

Athletes can choose between 1 and 4 laps to get a race distance of 5 to 20km. To keep the children happy, the Bronberg Community Coop will have a 2km childrens run at a cost of R30.00. This can be entered on the day at registration. 

Food Vouchers will be available at R30.00 for a boerewors roll or small burger provided by the Bronberg Community Coop. Other menu items will be added as the need from athletes arises. 

Dogs welcome on a short lease or you can drop them off at the Bronberg Community Dog Park.

Camping facilities are available for athletes who wants to stay for both days.

A point series will start from the first race based on age grading. More details about this will follow. 

Medals to all finishers.