What is coaching? - Why coaching?

Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach, supports an athlete (any sport) or runner in achieving a specific personal or athletic goal by providing training and guidance.

It is very easy to download a training program for various distances and try to stay on the program. Unfortunately we are not machines and various factors come into play when training to get fit and healthier or when training for a specific race.

An easy example to use is hill sessions. If the program dictates that we do short hill repeats of 200 meters and the recovery was not adequate for the athlete, we are heading for disaster. An athlete following a program on his or her own will slump through the session causing more damage than good.

The experienced coach will be able to change the session for the day by reducing the pace or making the repeats shorter to still get the maximum benefit out of the session.

Apart from the physical part of a training program the coach can also assist with advice on the athlete’s diet. Yes, nutritionists have their role and functions but they apply more to people with diet deficiencies. For longer races the experience and knowledge the coach has on fuelling an athlete can not be replaced by a nutritionist.

Mental preparation is an important part of training and a good coach will be able to do this during normal training sessions and as separate sessions.

Utilizing a coach don’t need to be so costly as some imagine. Work out a structure that is cost effective and use the coach where needed. The coach determine a training program for you taking into consideration current form and target races. No need to have the coach with you when doing a tempo or even a long run. Yes, the shorter hill and speed sessions need the coach to motivate and advise you and he also has the dual purpose of working on the mental aspects.

 How to choose a running coach

The coach must:

  1. Be experienced
  2. Have a proven record
  3. Must be able to include you into his current schedule and provide you with individual attention
  4. Be up to date with current research
  5. Be able to motivate
  6. Have knowledge about nutrition
  7. Be able to assist with recovery and healing
  8. Have a passion for the sport

There are many good coaches. You must ask yourself: is there space in his program for you, will he be able to give you the time and attention you pay for.


  1. Coaching - individuals and groups – Hill and speed sessions, preparation for ultra-races includes fuelling
  2. Training programs – Tailor made programs from beginner to elite level
  3. Motivational preparation – For all distances
  4. Nutrition for training, recovery and races
  5. Muscle rehab – stretching and cross training


Stefan Roodt Packages (hosted at Bronberg Community Coop, Plot 20, Tiegerpoort)

  1. Group sessions – Hill and speed – R 50.00 per person
  2. Individual sessions – Hill and speed – R 80.00 per person
  3. Ultra-session – includes snacks and drinks – R 150.00 per person
  4. Training programs – First consultation, program on Google sheets, how to operate your individual sheet – R 400.00
  5. Motivational preparation – single 90 minute session – R 250.00
  6. Nutrition – single 60 minute session – R 200.00
  7. Muscle rehab – single 45 minute session – R 150.00

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